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We specialize in helping nonprofit organizations manage periods of transition and growth, bringing a high level of expertise, commitment and passion to all our projects. Our focus is to find optimal solutions for each organization that are effective, efficient and sustainable.

Our Approach


Building a thriving organization requires early and frequent engagement of stakeholders, from the board level to the front lines. Our approach is highly collaborative and focused on setting and striving for achievable goals on a realistic schedule and budget. 

Franqui Consulting stands for...


Positioning Nonprofits for Enduring Success.

Helping nonprofits become the best they can be.

Not Reinventing the Wheel.

Researching best practices that are relevant and applicable.

Solving Problems Now.

Finding optimal solutions that are effective, efficient and sustainable.

Building for the Future.

Going beyond providing organizational stability during transitions to strengthening board and staff leadership.

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